How to Start Goat Farming for Unemployment

Once a friend told me, he felt sorry for the young people in the village, whose work was just hanging out, from day to night.

He argued, that why they did not start by planting grasses that were loved by goats around their yard, for example, like mini elephant grass or more often called odot. For the initial amount of grass planting, it can be adjusted to the width of the yard.

For example, if the yard is not too large, it can also be planted using plastic polybags, which are arranged in shelves. While the shelf can be made of bamboo, because bamboo plants are quite widely available, and the price is also quite cheap.
how to Start Goat Farming
Then, they can start by buying and caring for young goats, later when the goats are big, they can be sold and bought small goats again. Maybe from the sale of adult goats, two to three young goats can be bought.

At that time they do not need to look for grass too much, because they already have grass deposits at home. Maybe when the amount of grass is a lot like during the rainy season, then they can look for grass. Because at that time looking for grass is easy and don't have to go too far.

After that, just look at the maximum number of goats that can be maintained, by looking at the amount of grass. If, indeed this condition can run normally, then when the number of goats grows to a large number, then that person can start renting unused sleeping land, to plant the grass that the goat likes again.

Furthermore, the number of goats that we maintain can be adjusted to the amount of grass we have. Actually this way, the number of unemployed can be reduced. You could say a business like this requires a small capital / money, but requires a lot of effort, effort, and time.

The next question is whether unemployed youth who are usually unemployed and lazy want to work hard

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