Hydroponic Tomatoes

Hydroponic Tomatoes - Who doesn't know Tomato plants? This brightly colored fruit and vegetable plant is even more popular with children. Because in addition to the bright colors blushing, it also tastes fresh sour-sweet.

It's less fresh when cooking without using tomatoes in addition. Because of the acidic sensation, it can provide a more delicious and delicious cuisine.

But do not know, so it's not a pity, to find out more about this plant, it's good for admin to write in more detail about this one orange plant.

Has the Latin name Lycopersicon esculentum L, tomato plants are plants that enter the Solanaceae family.

The roots that are owned are taproot and fiber roots. This taproot is a large root and grows vertically into the ground. While the root fibers grow wider to the side.

The trunk it has is round, but there is also a box. Have fine hairs all over his body, up to the leaves.

The flowers that tomato plants have is the perfect flower that has a pistil and stamens in one flower.

Fruit sizes and fruit shapes vary, some are round or oval. There are large, medium or small ones.

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The color of the fruit when it is still easy is green, while when it starts to cook it will be red or reddish orange.

Hydroponic tomatoes

There are many ways to grow tomatoes. Can use the conventional method of planting using soil media. And there is also a more current method, namely hydroponic farming methods.

This hydroponic farming method is currently in a trend. It could be because the area of ​​land owned by the urban community is getting narrower but the desire to farm grows so that hydroponics becomes an alternative way.

Why can tomatoes be planted by hydroponics?

Nothing else and not not because this plant meets several criteria for hydroponic plants, namely:
  • Is a seasonal crop
  • The size of the plant is not too large, the fruit is also small
  • Has a high selling value
  • Market demand and needs are high
  • How to grow hydroponic tomatoes
  • Preparing hydroponic tomato seeds
  • Before planting hydroponic tomatoes, we prepare the seeds first by sowing.

The steps to seed tomato seeds are:

Hydroponic TomatoesPrepare rockwoll with a size of 12 cm x 6 cm
Cut rockwolls not to break with 3 x 6 = 18 pieces
The tool used for cutting is a small hacksaw
After cutting the boxes, hole the top of the rockwoll with nails to put the tomato seeds
Place the tomato seeds into the hole that has been made. The number of seeds put in the hole is 1 grain per hole
Add the seeded rockwolls to the tray, flush with water until wet
Place the tray into a dark room or you can also close the tray with black plastic
Wait 2 days until the seeds germinate
Transfer of Tomato Seeds
Tomato seeds that have been seeded if they are 7 days old can be transplanted into the NFT hydroponics frame that we have prepared.

For details on the hydroponic framework that needs to be made, please check the NFT Hydroponics article.

The nutrient composition used is nutrition with a thickness of ABmix with a concentration of 1600 ppm.

About this solution, please check the Fertilizer For Hydroponics.

The seeds that are planted by using tile as the planting medium to keep rockwoll so as not to shake.

Maintenance of Hydroponic Tomato Plants

Check the density of water every other day. If the volume and density are reduced, add water and nutrients so that the density returns to 1600 ppm.
Check the flow of water flowing in the paralon and water pipes. Make sure there are no blockages that block the passage of nutrient water to the plant. This needs to be done every day so that there is no nutritional deficiency in plants
If the tomato plant has begun to flower, increase its nutritional concentration to 2000 ppm
What needs to be done to get large and good tomatoes is by trimming tomato leaves that grow in the axillary leaves. This is done to focus nutrition so that more goes into fruit growth, not leaves.

Harvesting Hydroponic Tomatoes

Harvesting is done when tomatoes are cooked. Its characteristics are having a red or reddish orange color.

A good harvest is done in the morning so that the cut marks can dry quickly.

After finished harvesting we can sell it or for our own consumption. Can be determined according to needs and plans to plant tomatoes before.

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