Tomato Plant Cultivation

Tomato plants are plants that live in the tropics. This plant with bright red fruit originally came from the South American region.

Along with the times, tomato plants have spread in various parts of the world and cultivated with various planting techniques such as tomato plants in pots and hydroponic tomato plants.

Tomatoes themselves can be said to be one of the staple foods that are always needed for food and beverages.

No wonder many people are interested in doing business in this tomato agribusiness seriously.

For those of you who want to start being a tomato farmer, you can refer to this paper that will discuss how to grow tomato plants to quickly produce fruit.

Easy Ways to Cultivate Tomato Plants

Tomato Plant CultivationTomato plants have special requirements to grow well, which is planted in a temperature range of 20-27 degrees Celsius with areas that have rainfall of about 750 to 1250 mg per year.

This plant can basically grow ideally at an altitude of 1000-1500 masl.

Now, now you know how to make tomato trees grow well. Now it's time to know about how to start tomato cultivation.

1. Choosing Seeds
The most important thing from starting cultivation is the selection of superior seeds that can produce quality varieties.

Good tomato seeds can easily be found in various stores that sell plant seeds.

You can also prepare your own seeds, how to choose tomato seeds from old tomatoes. Then choose healthy seeds and after that can be dried by drying.

2. Conducting a Nursery
The next step is to do the nursery. Nursery is done if the tomato seedlings have strong stems and leaves.

There are two nursery methods, namely using tubing and polybags. The use of polybags can be chosen as a method to reduce stress on plants during the transplanting process.

If using polybags, plants are ready to be moved to the ground at 35-40 days.

3. Soil Processing
The soil used has at least acidity or pH around 5.5-7. If the soil is too acidic, lime can be added to reduce the soil pH.

The soil must also be fertilized so that it has enough minerals for the plants to grow well.

4. Plant maintenance
The age of tomato plants that can produce fruit and can be harvested is around 71-79 days. In this period of time you have to really take care of the plants to avoid pests.

There are several maintenance steps, namely by replanting, weeding, trimming and additional fertilization.

5. Conduct Watering and Irrigation
The next step that is very important in the cultivation of tomato plants is to do regular watering.

Pay attention to soil moisture, do not flush too much water or do not let the soil dry too much so that the tree can produce good fruit.

6. Installing Lenjeran
Tomato trees are vines, of course you have to make slices so that tomato trees don't collapse and can develop well.

Use the lenjeran by using bamboo and plug the slender with the distance of the tomato plant around 10-20 cm. The required lenght height is between 10-15 cm.

7. Harvest
Harvesting on tomato plants is done by picking tomatoes one by one. Use scissors to cut stems attached to tomatoes so as not to damage tomato stems that can cause damage to tomato trees.

Thus a brief review of tomato plants in general in order to grow well.

Hopefully this information can provide useful information and knowledge so that your business in tomato plant business can be successful. Good luck!

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